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Clare is committed to her community 

Clare is running because she cares for Senate District 12. She has lived in this district for 26 years, and over those years she has seen her neighbors struggle to put food on the table and support their families. She has seen kids dropping out of school, and the lack of job opportunities. Clare is committed to finding lasting and meaningful solutions to these problems. Clare will focus on the following: 

  1. Access to affordable healthcare to improve our families’ health

  2. Economic development and planning to bring higher paying jobs to the district

  3. Sustainable growth with increased access to services, improved infrastructure to meet transportation needs. Planning today to meet the needs of tomorrow 

  4. Building safer communities through community policing and education

Clare is the strong voice the district needs to give it the representation it district deserves.

Clare worked on bringing self governance to the Magna Metro Township by working with Senator Karen Mayne on getting S.B. 175 passed.

She worked with Senator Karen Mayne to get S.C.R 12 Concurrent Resolution on Reducing Gang Activity, to bring resources to local schools to reduce gang activity.


Clare brings 30 years of financial analysis and budgeting to the table, she knows how to get things done and has been working on these community issues for the last 15 years.

She will work to find consensus and work across the aisle to implement common sense policies that will enhance our communities, and, not work against us.

Clare will make sure that the Inland Port and the new prison, will bring opportunities to our district. We need to determine governance, taxation and environmental impact.